Tuesday, March 17, 2009

SPM :)

i got 3A2, 1B4, 1C5, 2C6, 1E8 & 1G9 :)
all nine subject. paper yg fail tu ekons~ :p
hehehehe :]

overall, i'm happy with my result. especially, my math and science- A2!! really-really happy weyh!~
my mum was the first person i told when i got my result. Then ammar, future husband i guess ? :p

sorry, kinda love him damn much right now.hehehe.
argh!~ i can't let him go. Really-really can't let him go. he told me last night that between him and eva was over, they're just being a good friend. but, as his girlfriend, i don't believe it. istinct la kan? :}
He told me because, yesterday we should meet, but i told him that i've to go back to my hometown and my dad asked me too. sorry b :(
as usual, we argue bout diz. but everything was completely good :) how? it's a secret :D
ahahahaha. only i noe da way to coax him.