Tuesday, April 14, 2009

birthday girl ?

today is my birthday. unfortunately, he's not the first person who wish me. who? ammar zakwan azman. yeah, he's not in kl, but sarawak. plkn. no fhone ryte? :]

there's a lot of people didn't remember my birthday.sad huh? last year was my last time i've celebrated with my goodies friends.

around 8a.m i tried to call ammar. he's fhone ringing. i though i was misheard and i tried again.he pick up.he got his fhone coz they're going to Kuching. i don't no why. i told him today was my birthday, but, till now he didn't wish yet. hnstly, i was cry. he's the first and would be the last person i will always loved.there's no one could do the same thing like he did to me :)
i've asked him either he still love me or not. at first, he said that he don't love me. than he's being honest to me that he really-really love me although i can't do want he need.and now, i'm still AMMAR ZAKWAN AZMAN propeties ever!

and today i had a JPJ test. and i passed :D i don't no either MR.JPJ was give a chance to me or not.
after the JPJ test, i bought food and eat it at tok's house. then i'm asleep. everyone tried to called me and all the called has been divert to ammar's number although i didn't do it to them. who are they? let me list it up to you guys. they are,mama, abah, akak, abang, kak ina and petronas . i don't no what was the fucking problem with my hotlink line.all i know mama call maksu's number then talk to me with her anger voice. ok! i admit, i was shocked. although i'm sleeping, i still can hear either my fhone was ringing or not ok?! i'm not deaf. but there's no missed call on my fhone!! fucking hotlink line! it makes me moody for hours.

Monday, April 6, 2009

haha. gyler lme x on9 la kan?? bengong. bz gyler ble dok perlis. keje non stop je. yg dpt pon penat. kalo gaji abh bg masyuk xpe gk. grr..
hmm. td last tym blaja driving.. bukit parking and wat so ever la td. huhuhu..
btw, esok lak de JPJ test. agak cuak gk r...
am nye pasal r ni soh tye pakcik misai psl JPJ test tu. sabor jolah...
haish... tp xpe... at least dpt spend time jap ngn am.. hhehehe.. byk btol spare part aku kt cnie.. huhuhu...
smlm tye anan either aku still gf dye ag or x.. tp dye kate nk gtaw nnt.. tp smlm bkn dye dtg jmpe pon.. slmt la aku blk awl. kalo x wat pnt je aku tggu dye..
dah tu td g nasi arb pon bkn dye . grr. mengundang kemarahan je mamat tu..nk dtg kt mje aku dok
ngn amar wat hal lgi... da dok jaoh pon nk cri gdo gk ngn aku..
hish.. caner lak aku ley wat kne snri ngn mslh yg aku wat. tu la.. serve me rite.. :p

papehal pon, esk nye JPJ test tu hope xde r mati enjin nnt. huhuhu...
may GOD always bless me.. aminn...