Friday, February 13, 2009

have to..

Last night should be the best night ever in my life but everything was sux. Ammar ignored me although he should wish the valentine. It shows that he really had someone else in his life, right? Stupid me?? Say it loud! I admit that. Fuck r! Its not only that, Fizal's wife text me in the middle of night. She already knew me. I don't know what should I do now. Everything messed me up in one night. Thank you so much 'sangat'. So, now I'm not going to Fizal's stall anymore although I really want to go there to meet Anan. Damn it lar! Why I don't know him long time ago?! Get lost with Ammar right now. I don't need him anymore although I love him. He will get what he have done to me. What you give you will get back, right?

Thursday, February 12, 2009

ammar's forever

Hate to tell bout this but thank God everything was fine. Me and Ammar had a BIG conversation. Fuhh. We almost clash 'forever' but that message our relationship and thanks to mie too! :) Message that I should sent to mie was sent to him. The truth bout what I feel towards him. I'm glad that he has change his mind and back to me. Damn it! I promise I'm not going to asked him those stupid question. Mark my word! I really love him. Although sometimes he ignored me, but he has his own way to impress me. That's what I like bout him :D Hope we will last forever. Can't wait to see him.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

new frens

u don't believe it. trust me. hahaha. i jz online my tagged account. there's a lot of people make me comfortable and talk like we know each other for ages :D There i can choose who i wanna friend. yeah of course i pick someone handsome :p

Friday, February 6, 2009

6 Feb

grr. bengang gle. da r smlm kne audit brg. till 6 a.m ok? cm bodo je. da r nk kre tu agk susah en? byk jenis lak tuh. idiot je. haish. hbs audit j trus blk uma then tdo. da r tdo lewat, de lak org kjut soh bgn. lgi r mengundang kemarahan. alih2 kul 12 stgh tgh hari bru bgn. tu pon kne kaco gk ngn dk gemok. bodo bodo bodo. grr. amar lak demam. tdo awl. bosan taw x! tp slmt LB ade :) hehe. jahat kan?da ade bf pon flirt ngn org len.huhuhu. sry syg :] bby bosan sgt + pressure. tp bby still syg b. dun wry :D oh ya! thnx abh for da new handphone :)) now i'm using SE W910i (limited edition)
i really like it.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

4 feb

After long time being single, now i'm with Ammar Zakwan. Believe it or not, we already couple for a month. i know it wasn't long enough. But, be with him, i realise that not every single thing was easy. Honestly, we always argue just because of stupid things. And we settle it up by forgive and forget. Ammar's attitude reminds me of someone that i'll never forget. That person was my first love. I don't really like Ammar at first time i know him. It was my planned with his cousin, Miza. We planned to 'play' on him. I know it was bad things to do that. But after knowing him, i cancalled my planned and what ever happens, happens. A day before our a month couple, he told me he already had a girlfriend but not really a girlfriend. It's hard to explain bout this. He also don't know how to describe it. It was hurt to know the truth. If let him go i'll regret cause i've do it before and it was sux! Now, i admit that.. i really love him although i always think of Mr.HHA.