Wednesday, May 6, 2009

four months :)

FINALLY!! i'm being ammar zakwan azman properties for 4 months 2 day( till now ) :D
but the worst part is, we can't spend our time together. first 3 months i'm staying at perlis.
then when we're going to take our SPM result, we've meet once. mark my word! ONCE ! next week after that, he's flying to sarawak. plkn la plak kan? damn.. grrr...
i'm sorry cz being rude, but thats the fact :(
i miss him.. really really miss him :((

then when i know some of my friend are back to kl although they're in plkn. cz they were going to continue their study, i'm feeling sick! why? coz i really really wanna see ammar. he's mine and would be mine.i'll make sure of that.

but something mess me up! abah told me that i'm going to continue my study on december!! he just ruined my plan! everything! da r ammar blik on june. aku plak kne stay kt cni ag..
pergh... mmg x r! and there's a lot of thing i need to settle up..

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