Saturday, June 20, 2009

2 days in row !!

best day ever this month..

meet ammar zakwan azman, for sure ? :)
ngaa.. lme gle kowt x jmpe dye !
tp one thing for sure la kan..
he is TALLER than the last time we meet..
grr.. annoying oOoo.. !!
dah elok2 amel kt paras telinge dye..
x psl je skrg amel kt paras bahu dye..
tak best! tak best! tak best!
mcm bangang je..
da r org pendek .. huh..
ngek ngok btol !
jmpe kt mne ? ade la...
yg pasti tgk movie cte blood the last vampire..
tp mcm agk nyesal pon ade gk..
y? cite tuh x best langsung !
slow plak tu.. grr..
and xde sorg pon kwn amel taw amel jmpe dye..
hehehe.. sorry girls.. :]

bru cte first best day ever eyh?
erm.. yg second best day ever tu xya taw la..
tp yg penting, thnx to my girls la..
y? nnt2 je org cte..

-to be continue.. :)

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